Week 12: Add API support to the GUI

Just the final week things! 😦

As planned for Week 12, an API support has been added to the GUI of the gr_modtool. The work on the GUI is in progress but it can still be used an alternative for the CLI commands since the API has been integrated. The work on the GUI can be followed in my GitHub repository, modtool_gui.

The push-button, run, on every command’s tab firstly calls the functional definition for the setup of the common parameters like directory, --skip-lib, scm-mode, and then instantiate an object of the corresponding API class with these parameters. After that, the class members in the __init__ take their values from the user input and the method run of the particular class is executed.

I have also tried to enhance the code quality by splitting the QtDesigner generated code into several functional definitions.

Next Task

This might be the final blog post on this website but there will be another blog post with the condensed work of the entire GSoC period soon on the GNU Radio website.

I would still like to contribute to the gr-modtool, the magical tool that enhanced my knowledge of python multiple folds. I will try to complete the GUI with decent code quality as soon as possible. I will also try my level best to sort out the issues that come up with the code I produced, or modtool in general.


I knew very little about Python and the idiosyncrasies with its versions when I started off with the programme but with the immense support of my mentors, Sebastian Koslowski and Nicolas Cuervo, I was able to cope-up with the project demands. I learnt about several awesome python libraries and the methodology of writing good quality python code. I would like to thank my mentors for such high degree of support throughout the GSoC programme.

I would also like to thank Marcus Müller for reviewing the PRs and briefing me about the first issue that I can work on. I would also like to thank Martin Braun for reviewing the PRs as well as the GSoC proposal. I would also like to thank Andrej Rode for helping me with the branch rebase on GitHub and providing me with the rights for editing the GNU Radio wiki. I would also like to thank Håkon Vågsether for helping me with the XML to YAML conversion. I would also like to thank Kartik Patel for suggesting me to work with the GNU Radio Community this summer. I would also like to thank Felix Wunsch for providing me the overall GSoC updates.

I would like to thank Ben Hilburn and the GNU Radio Community for inviting me to the GNU Radio Conference 2018. A special vote of thanks to Ben Hilburn for booking my flight tickets, Derek Kozel for booking the hotel for my stay, and Neel Pandeya for his support during the VISA application.

Thank You!



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