Week 11: Updated GUI

GUI begins!

As planned for Week 11, I have created a GUI for the modtool​.  Currently, the GUI has not been integrated with the API. The design for GUI has been updated to make it more user interactive. There is a proper space for common parameters​, logger output​, and auto-completion candidates.

Here are some of the images of the modtool GUI:

Screenshot from 2018-07-28 22-36-19.png

Screenshot from 2018-07-28 22-36-35.png

Screenshot from 2018-07-28 22-36-08.png

Any kind of suggestion or feedback will be highly helpful!

Tasks for Week 12

  1. Add an API support to the modtool GUI.
  2. Work on logger output and candidates auto-completion for the GUI.
  3. Bug fixes of the PR, if any.

The code for the GUI can be followed in my repository modtool_gui.

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