Week 10: Mock GUI

As planned for Week 10, I have created a mock GUI for the modtool. I have also added the commits from the branch yaml, which contained the cli and core modules for the XML to YAML conversion, into the branch swapnil_next​. I have also condensed all the remaining work of the other PRs into the main PR.

I have designed the GUI for the modtool using the QtDesigner. In the current design, the screen is split into 3 vboxes. The first contains the commands for the modtool, the second contains the user_input window while the third contains the candidates for auto-completion, if any. The second vbox is totally dependent on the first, while the third  vbox is totally dependent on the input field of the second vbox. There is a space for logger output in the second vbox. The GUI looks like:-

Screenshot from 2018-07-20 19-25-19.png

Note: Block Candidates is just for mock display.

Now, the branch swapnil_next contains the most recent version of modtool including the option for XML to YAML conversion.

Tasks for Week 11

  1. Complete the GUI with basic features.
  2. Bug fixes of the PR, if any.

I have updated the GitHub project and the code can be followed in the forked repository swapnil_next branch.

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