Week 8: Add YAML Generator

As planned for Week 8, YAML Generator has been added to the ModTool and the basic grc_xml template has been replaced with the grc_yaml template.

Since, the branch next contains YAML only, the grc_xml_generator has been replaced with a grc_yaml_generator. The CLI command has been changed from makexml to makeyaml. Similarly, the API or the core class has been changed from ModToolMakeXML to ModToolMakeYAML​. The python library pyyaml has been used to dump the dictionary into YAML data​. The generated YAML scripts are in strict correspondence to the existing YAML files in the next.

Since it is not possible to manage the order of entries using the traditional dictionary which stores the entries in the sorted manner according to the keys​, I have used an OrderedDict to manage the dictionary entries. For implementing an OrderedDict with pyyaml, I have added a special representer to the traditional Dumper. The data_flow_style has been kept as False​.

The template grc_xml has been replaced with the template grc_yml which gives the brief description of the YAML file that needs to be added for grc support.

Moreover, I have slightly modified the CMakeLists and the directory structure. The modtool configuration file has been moved to the base modtool folder. The CMakeLists.txt of the base modtool folder adds the sub_directories for the installation. The README.modtool has also been updated.

I have also replaced all possible %s, %d with str.format() in the python modules of the core as well as tools.

The entire work for gr_modtool overhaul has been rebased to the branch next from  the branch python3 and the pull request with current work status has been made.

Tasks for Week 9

  1. Bug fixes of the PR (if any).
  2. Create an XML to YAML converter (CLI option as well as API support).
  3. Start working on the GUI.

I have updated the GitHub project and the code can be followed in the forked repository swapnil_next branch.

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