Week 7: Logger Colors and Pylint Tests

As planned for week 7, the logger has been updated with ANSI colors, the modtool tests have been updated with Pylint tests (currently errors only) and the issue with the rename module has been solved (PR has been submitted).

ModTool tests for the API classes ModToolNewModule and ModToolAdd have been updated with the Pylint tests. They use the function py_run of the module epylint of the pylint package. To silence the configuration file alert as well as silently run the tests, the pylint_stderr is stored but not printed. For verbose testing, it can also be printed (not aware of the use case).  Currently, only the error messages of the pylint_stdout are printed as stdout for testing the ModTool generated scripts. The only issue is that the Pylint tests usually take a lot of time.

The logger gnuradio.modtool is now equipped with ANSI colors. The work has been done by overriding the StreamHandler class method emit. Even the input statements have ANSI colors. Now, there is a separate ModToolException for the CLI modules which raises the exception in red​ color. The redundancy in similar styling of input has been sorted with a separate function cli_input in the base CLI module. The colors are emitted using click.style which comes with an optional dependency colorama. So, no colors appear if colorama is not installed.

The issue regarding the renaming of the regex pattern instead of the entire blockname has been sorted by generating a list of block candidates for renaming. A special feature of alternative suggestions has been added so that the user faces minimum difficulty. The pull request also includes the py3k compatible Sequence Completion of the blocknames for the modules rename, rm​, makexml and disable.

I have also made a pull request regarding the lint fixes in the generated python scripts and a pull request for relative import of modules in python scripts. All the PRs have been moved to the next.

In the meantime, I also read about YAML serialization​ and also went through some of the blocks in the next for clear understanding.

Tasks for Week 8

  1. Add a YAML generator as a CLI command.
  2. Bug fixes, if any.

I have updated the GitHub project and the code can be followed in the forked repository core_cli branch.


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